Answers to FAQs

Q: What are the main benefits to hiring a “pro?”

A: By hiring a professional, you’ll gain access to:
§Expert résumé writing/editing/design skills.
§Needed objectivity and expertise to play up your strengths, downplay your weaknesses, and position you for interview success.
§The precise know-how to target your career and industry correctly.
§Winning résumé, job search, interviewing, and salary negotiation strategies from the recognized “experts.”
§Experienced professionals who have passed rigorous résumé industry exams and demonstrated their commitment to the profession by obtaining ongoing training.

Q: What kinds of credentials do professional résumé writers have?

A: Credentials are varied and can include degrees, certifications, professional memberships, supplemental training, résumé expert classification by online career databases, industry-related positions, and/or being a published writer or convention speaker. Résumé writers across the
country who are serious about their profession are members of one or more professional organizations. The highest standard in the résumé profession is attainment of one or more certifications.

What kinds of services are offered by Résumés Plus Professional Services?

A: We offer printed résumés and cover letters, scannable résumés, and e-mail résumés,  résumé packages, reference lists, web posting, résumé distribution services, interview thank-you letters, job search coaching, and interview coaching. We also offer HTML résumés, recommendation and resignation letters, career transition coaching, and lifetime updates.

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