Hear from Our Past Clients

Brad, San Antonio, Texas

Allison is exceptional! I highly recommend her. She understands what her customers need. Thanks so much for helping me advance my career.

Susan, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Allison did a fantastic job with my executive resume. She was very thorough and detailed. After speaking to her on the phone several times, it was obvious that she takes pride in her work and gives 110% at all times. She asked me tough questions that really made me think. After I received the first draft, I was amazed. My resume never looked so good. The best part was I landed a new job in just a couple of weeks! The first thing the interviewer told me when I walked in the room was how impressed they were with my resume. I cannot thank Allison enough. She was a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend her services to any jobseeker. The investment you make will sure pay off.

Dr. Elliott Silkowski, Wilkes-Barre, PA

When I decided it was time for a little help with a much more competitive job market, I turned to Resumes Plus...and glad I did! The service is both personal and professional. Allison took the time to "learn" my business, had the patience to work through multiple copy changes on the resume then also met with me for a "one on one" coaching session and job "interview". I would highly recommend Resumes Plus before applying for that "dream" job. I think Allison offers a service that is invaluable, no matter the level of employment you may seek.

Michael, Philadelphia, PA

Allison did an excellent job helping me market myself to prospective employers and company partners. Shortly after completing my senior level resume, LinkedIn profile and job coaching sessions, I received and accepted an offer with a fortune 500 company. I have referred Allison to many colleagues that were looking for a career move. I highly recommend Resumes Plus to anyone thinking of a career move.

Carrie, Dallas, PA

Allison is one of the best in her profession. When deciding to hire a Resume Writer to help me I wanted to be able to actually meet the person so I knew who I was dealing with (instead of just ordering a resume from an online service). Having a local person was extremely important to me. She is spot on when it comes to advice and recommendations, an expert in creating and writing resumes, excels at preparing her clients for interviews, is super to work with and most importantly she cares deeply for her clients. Her personal touch and the time she spends getting to know you makes a huge difference. You know she has your back and has your very best interests at heart.

Paul, Swoyersville, PA

After trying to search for a new job for several months on my own I decided I must be doing something wrong and decided to call Resumes Plus. I was very nervous about looking and interviewing for a new job in today’s market. Allison walked me through the process step by step. First, she did an amazing job with my resume. Next, she covered all the bases with various interview questions, types of interviews and what to look for in interviewers and organizations. There was a lot of homework on my end, but the effort paid off. I became more comfortable and confident with each phone interview I did and all of the prep work was a huge part of that. I received a job offer after my first face-to-face interview. Allison was very supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process. We covered a lot more ground including thank you letters, social media, networking, company research and more. The knowledge I have gained under Allison’s coaching are invaluable.

Burt, Binghamton, NY

I knew immediately after my first phone conversation with Allison that our sessions together were going to be valuable. Her knowledge in the field is evident. Allison is detail-oriented, patient, and thoughtful when we spoke which made the process that much more enjoyable. I am so thankful for everything she taught me, as well as her help in piecing together my Curriculum Vitae. I received several offers from employers and finally decided on joining a great company. I would highly recommend Allison’s services to anyone.

Sherry, Pittston, PA

I have had much success with the resume Allison did for me! It boosted my confidence when going for interviews knowing I had a complete and accurate list of my qualifications to support me.

Jason, Forty Fort, PA

Whether you are actively on the hunt for a job or you just want to keep your resume current, Resumes Plus is the only way to go. The entire experience from start to finish was excellent. Allison made the daunting task of compiling several different job positions into one comprehensive and detailed resume. She managed to do this all while keeping the experience extremely personal and genuinely caring about creating the perfect result for my resume.

Andi, Scranton, PA

I had the great pleasure of working in close proximity to Allison in my early career path. Allison initially assisted me ~ when our company transitioned the business platform and my position was eliminated. She helped me turn a lengthy and wordy resume document ~ into one that was clear and concise ~ capitalizing on strengths and accomplishments. I often rely on Allison still ~ during times of transition to make sure I'm making smart decisions on my resume. I'm confident it helped me get seen by potential employers. Thank you Allison!