Let's Build Your Career Together

The Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC™) credential is awarded to those who have completed an extensive training program to identify a client's life goals, ambitions and career options and then design an appropriate career and job search activity plan to achieve that goal. Career Coaching is a valuable resource not only to those actively seeking employment, but also to those wanting to advance within their existing company; college graduates embarking on the job; and those involved in job transition to an entirely new field.

Career & Job Search Coaching

A one-on-one consultation to assist you when you’ve hit an obstacle in your career or with your job search. Not sure where to begin looking for a new job or how to apply for positions using the online company ATS?

  • Posting of resume on Job Boards - saves you the time and trouble of finding sites.
  • Applying for a position using the sites ATS - applying online can be time-consuming and if not done correctly can be rejected.
  • Search Agent criteria - jobs matching your search preferences will be delivered to your email box for review.
  • Tips on where to look for unadvertised jobs - not all jobs are advertised. Learn how to search for companies and get your resume in the right hands.
  • LinkedIn job search tips and tricks - Use LinkedIn for job search!
  • Set up of free email account to be used for job search

Interview Training

A one-on-one interview role play that takes you through the kinds of interview questions that are being asked today. Behavioral interview questions are much different than those you may have encountered in past interviews. An in-depth critique of all your answers is provided along with coaching on how to improve your presentation.

Preparing for the Interview

  • How to answer the most frequently asked interview questions
  • Insight, from our HR experts as to what companies seek in candidates
  • Overview of all interview methods, including; phone, in-person, panel, behavioral, situational, & competency-based
  • Best answers to explain gaps in employment and job changes
  • A mock interview followed by feedback and coaching